Environmental Services Offered By Leading NJ Company

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Environmental Services Company

come funziona autopzionibinarie With new and changing environmental laws in NJ, it’s more important than ever that property owners work with an environmental services company that is one step ahead of the ever-changing environmental landscape.

The Entech Group, Inc., a leading energy, engineering and environmental services company in NJ, provides a full suite of environmental services that are up-to-date and compliant with all of the most current environmental laws.

fluvoxamine costco Entech offers traditional and alternative environmental services for remediation, consulting and engineering projects.  With their own Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) on staff, Entech is a single source of turnkey solutions for commercial and residential properties.

diclofenaco intramuscular bula 5mg Entech offers remedial investigations, risk assessments, industrial hygiene, wastewater and groundwater treatment system design and implementation, as well as other services related to environmental remediation and safety. Entech has developed a strong reputation for providing effective solutions in a timely manner, and its knowledge of advanced technologies, have positioned it as a thought-leader in the industry.

Environmental Services From The Entech Group in NJ

buy cheap periactin Additional source environmental services offered by Entech include (but are not limited to):

  • Preliminary Assessments & Environmental Phase One
  • Asbestos, lead and mold investigation & remediation
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Soil & groundwater sampling
  • Vapor investigations & air sampling
  • Soil & groundwater delineation
  • Groundwater remediation
  • In- Situ Environmental Technology, Remediation & Structural Underpinning
  • Soil remediation & excavation
  • Forensic age dating
  • Site restoration
  • Preparation of Response Action Outcome (RAO) documents
  • Documentation to the NJDEP for a No Further Action (NFA) letter
  • Expert analysis, reporting and testimony
  • Environmental Management
  • Real Estate & Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Wastewater & Water Treatment System design, installation and implementation

For the past 20 years, the Entech Group Inc has been a leading provider of environmental services in NJ.  From investigation to final closure, Entech has efficient solutions for all environmental matters.

Their team is comprised of certified engineers, environmental scientists, OSHA certified and trained construction personnel and knowledgeable technicians.

With all services and personnel in-house, this NJ environmental services company offers the most efficient solutions executed by the most proficient team of experts.

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NJ Environmental Services Company Reveals Dates of Past Oil Leaks Through Age-Dating

Age-Dating: Oil Tank Leaks

The Entech Group, a leading engineering, energy and environmental services company in NJ, can determine the date of a previous oil tank leak through a process called ‘age-dating’.  This technique can help property owners who face costs associated with contaminated soil and groundwater.

When a property owner was facing an expensive environmental problem, age dating was able to secure them 100% coverage by their insurance.  The property owner’s 550 gallon Underground Heating Oil Storage Tank had previously been pulled by a company who noticed an oil leak that had contaminated the soil and ground water around it. Lacking the environmental expertise, the company left their client to deal with the problem on their own. Facing up to $150,000 in costs and badly contaminated soil underneath their house, the property’s owner architect turned to The Entech Group, Inc.

The Entech Group, Inc. was able to provide their professional anyoption strategie environmental services by performing sampling and analysis services of the soil and groundwater of the contaminated area. Burdened by the costs of remediating the site, their client also hired The Entech Group, Inc. to perform a site investigation.

Environmental Services Company in NJ Determines Date of Leak To Ensure Insurance Coverage

Age-dating was able to determine the date of the oil leak compared to the expiration date of their client’s insurance coverage.  It turned out that the leak occurred 70 days before the property owner’s insurance expired and The Entech Group Inc. was able to secure them coverage for the project.

The environmental services company in NJ offers their own certified engineers, environmental scientists, OSHA certified and trained construction personnel and knowledgeable technicians. Entech understands the system and can help protect property owners.

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