What Is It and What Steps Need To Be Taken To Fix It?

The headache of an oil tank can turn into an even bigger problem for a property owner if it is found that the tank has leaked. Unfortunately, over time, oil tanks will leak and rust which will ultimately cause soil, water, and air pollution. The main problem with oil tank leaks, over and above the pollution, is the fact that the leaks are typically silent. The fact that there is a leak in your tank may not be found until the tank is ultimately investigated and in turn removed or replaced. The longer that the oil tank leak is undetected or ignored, the greater the risk that not only your property will be affected by the leak but the property of your neighbors. Soil remediation is the process of removing those contaminates and pollutants from the soil.

The Entech Group, Inc. is trained and certified in the remediation services that are needed if it is found that your oil tank has leaked. Each step of the remediation is important and necessary to assure that the proper steps have been taken to remedy the contamination. The Entech Group, Inc. will provide our clients with the following services to ensure that the contamination is corrected:

  • Soil remediation & excavation
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Soil & groundwater sampling
  • Soil & groundwater delineation
  • Alternative/biological remediation
  • Forensic age dating
  • Site restoration
  • Vapor/air sampling
  • Submit documentation to the NJDEP for a No Further Action (NFA) letter

The Entech Group, Inc. understands the headache and struggle that a homeowner feels and goes through when an oil tank issue comes into play. Our team of experts are here and ready to help you navigate this process. Please call our office today at 1-800-571-8661 to find out more details about our remediation services.

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