Oil Tanks: The Ins and Outs

The Entech Group is a New Jersey based company that specializes in oil tank removal and installations. Removing an underground oil tank requires a team with experience and professionalize to complete the task. The Entech Group is able to provide their clients with a simply, quick, and reasonably priced service to remove your old underground tank and install the replacement.

Underground Storage Tanks (UST) are a source of many headaches for homeowners and businesses alike. If your underground oil tank was installed before 1980, it was fabricated of bare steel which makes corrosion inevitable and raises potential for leakage and spills. The leaked and spilled chemicals cause soil, groundwater and air pollution. Assuring that proper clean-up is completed, also known as remediation, is an essential step of any oil tank removal prior to the next installation.

When an oil tank reaches the end of its life span (an average of 15 years) it is vital for the tank to be removed to preserve the environment surrounding the tank. The Entech Group provides a dedicated and trained staff which takes consideration in not only the safe removal of the tank but preserving the environment surrounding the tank. While this may seems like a nuisance in many ways, it is a necessity if a home or business owner wants to avoid any possible soil contamination down the road

The Entech Group has an outstanding history of helping their clients with oil tank removal, clean-up, and installation. We offer a complete variety of oil tank management services. The Entech Group will work with you to make this seemingly daunting task as painless and cost effective as possible.

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