What information do I need to know as a homeowner in regards to oil tanks?

Oil tank issues can undoubtedly be one of the biggest headaches that a property owner can encounter. When there is an issue with an oil tank, the question becomes what is the best option for the tank: to remove it or to abandon it. Both options have their ups and their downs. The biggest aspect of oil tank removal entails digging up the ground around the tank which can be a scary expense for a property owner. In the alternative, oil tank abandonment will entail soil testing and analysis to ensure that the soil has not been contaminated by the tank. In turn, if something is found, the oil tank may have to be removed anyway!

Many people hear ‘abandonment’ and they think it is quick and easy to do. They just need to forget about the oil tank and move on. This, however, is certainly not the case. There are a multitude of steps that need to be taken before the tank can be ‘abandoned’. Some of those steps include the ground around the tank being dug up, the oil being removed from the tank, sludge being removed from the tank bottom, the tank must be filled with sand or gravel, and the liquids that were removed from the tank being tested for contamination. If the abandonment is not completed correctly, the process itself could contaminate the surrounding soil and water. Every “I” must be dotted and every “T” must be crossed before an oil tank can be considered to be ‘abandoned’.

Realistically, even though the removal of an oil tank is a more invasive, removing the oil tank could ultimately save you money in the end. Many property owners are choosing oil tank removal over abandonment. Completely removing an oil tank will mean there is absolutely no question as to whether the oil tank was properly abandoned. Complete oil tank removal will also be greatly beneficial if you are looking to sell your property either now or in the future as there will be no question or abandonment and no hold up in the sale process.

The professionals at the Entech Group, Inc. have the experience to be able to provide every one of our clients the proper method needed for oil tank removals. We are proud to be an environmental company well versed in proper New Jersey oil tank removal procedures. The Entech Group understands that our clients are always cost conscious. We are able to remove your oil tank, whether it is above ground or underground, in a timely and cost effective manner while still making sure that we are in accordance with environmental regulations during the entire process. Please call our office today at (800) 571-8661 or visit our website at www.environmentalservicesnj.net to learn more about oil tank removals.

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