New Jersey Oil Tank Removal Services:

Making New Jersey a cleaner, healthier state

Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) can be a leading source of stress and sleep loss for property owners. The reality is that if your underground oil tank was installed prior to 1980, it was fabricated with bare steel, which makes it highly susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion of an oil tank will be the trigger of a multitude of problems for any property owner. When an oil tank corrodes, it is almost impossible to avoid any type of leakage or spill. In turn, the leaked and spilled chemicals from the oil tank will cause the soil to be contaminated. Cleaning up the contaminated spoil (also known as remediation) can ultimately be time consuming and costly to the property owner.

While the thought of removing an oil tank can be scary in terms of cost and time, The Entech Group is able to offer our clients a timely and cost effective plan and method for the removal. Not only are we able to offer our clients our New Jersey removal services. We are well versed in working with the State of New Jersey and showing the state that each one of our clients who opts for our oil tank removal service is trying to help the environment by taking away the risk of water and soil contamination. Essentially, the State of New Jersey is happy to work with us when we are working to help promote economically beneficial options.

The Entech Group, Inc., offers a simple, quick and reasonably priced service to remove an underground oil tank for all of New Jersey. Through our work and experience, we have become a leading company in New Jersey for oil tank removal. We can guarantee our clients that the job will be done professionally and with as little intrusion as possible. We understand how valuable our client’s time are so we make sure we do the job right the first time, without hiccups, so that we can effectively and efficiently get the job done right! Please call our office today at (800) 571-8661 or visit our website at to find out more about our New Jersey Oil Tank Removal services.

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