Oil Tank Removal Tips from the Entech Group Inc.

Removing Your Oil Tank

Oil tanks present a problem when it comes time to sell your home. In many occasions, an oil tank, abandoned or in use, can be the death of a sale. So, to avoid the aggravation and cost of prolonging the selling process, take the necessary steps regarding your oil tank prior to putting your house on the market.

The Entech Group Inc. has some tips for oil tank removal in NJ to help sell your house sooner.

Be Proactive environmentalservicesnj

If you’re considering putting your home on the market and you are aware that there is an oil tank on your property, it’s important to take certain preceding measures.

Whether your home still uses the oil tank or the tank is no longer in use, it’s important to check for current or past leaks. If the tank is out of commission, hire a professional to check that the oil has been emptied and that any previous leaks have been taken care of. If the tank is active, the oil tank professional will check that there are no leaks. Oil spills can seep into the soil around it and cause a lot of damage, so it’s vital that the tank’s integrity be examined.

Once you have determined that an oil tank is present and any leaks have been taken care of, you have the decision to have it removed.

Most homebuyers today will walk away from a house if it has an oil tank, or at the least request that it be removed prior to closing. With the rise of environmental awareness and concerns, it is less likely that your home will be sold with an oil tank present as a result of the potential of pollution.

oil tank removal NJMany lenders and homeowners’ insurance companies are apprehensive to working with properties that house an oil tank.

Removing your oil tank before you begin the selling process can eliminate the hassle of finding the right buyer, and the cost of letting sit on the market.

If you are seeking NJ oil tank removal services, check out The Entech Group Inc. We offer trained professionals to help you through the removal process and all of the implications that may arise.

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Oil Tank Removal On The Rise as Real Estate is Revived in NJ

Oil Tank Removal

Analysts, bloggers and media reporters aren’t the only ones noticing an increase in real estate transactions.  Environmental services companies in NJ are also feeling the effects of a recent pick up in home prices, home sales and even commercial construction.  The Entech Group, Inc, a leading energy, engineering and environmental services company in NJ, says calls for residential and commercial environmental services are up over 200 % versus one year ago.

For companies like The Entech Group, Inc, an uptick in property transactions translates to an increase in the need for environmental services such as property assessments , oil tank removal and property redevelopment.  According to The Entech Group Inc., they saw record increases in calls for services this past August and September compared to the same time last year.

“People are still saying that the real estate market is dead but those facts just aren’t true,” says Thomas A. Furey, PE and L.S.R.P. for The Entech Group, Inc. “The numbers tell a different story.  Last week JP Morgan reported a profit on home mortgages and stocks in publicly held home builders are up over 20%. Even suppliers of drywall and lumbar are reporting profits.”

Barclays Capital also issued a report forecasting that home prices could be back to peak levels by year 2015.

Environmental Services in NJ Increase With Uptick in Property Transactions

This is good news for property buyers, sellers and environmental services companies in NJ.  “When there is an increase in property transactions, we see more calls for property assessments, oil tank removal and environmental site investigations,” adds Furey.

The Entech Group Inc., provides a comprehensive suite of environmental services in the NJ area for commercial and residential properties. Some of the new environmental laws now require the use of a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) for environmental projects, and Entech’s Vice President, Thomas A. Furey, and his team can provide this service.

For the past 20 years, the Entech Group, Inc. has been a leading provider of environmental services in NJ including oil tank removal, site investigation, remediation, and solar energy solutions.  Entech provides turn-key, single source solutions to actively assist clients during all phases of project development and management.  Their team is comprised of certified engineers, environmental scientists, OSHA certified and trained construction personnel and knowledgeable technicians.

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NJ Environmental Services Company Reveals Dates of Past Oil Leaks Through Age-Dating

Age-Dating: Oil Tank Leaks

The Entech Group, a leading engineering, energy and environmental services company in NJ, can determine the date of a previous oil tank leak through a process called ‘age-dating’.  This technique can help property owners who face costs associated with contaminated soil and groundwater.

When a property owner was facing an expensive environmental problem, age dating was able to secure them 100% coverage by their insurance.  The property owner’s 550 gallon Underground Heating Oil Storage Tank had previously been pulled by a company who noticed an oil leak that had contaminated the soil and ground water around it. Lacking the environmental expertise, the company left their client to deal with the problem on their own. Facing up to $150,000 in costs and badly contaminated soil underneath their house, the property’s owner architect turned to The Entech Group, Inc.

The Entech Group, Inc. was able to provide their professional environmental services by performing sampling and analysis services of the soil and groundwater of the contaminated area. Burdened by the costs of remediating the site, their client also hired The Entech Group, Inc. to perform a site investigation.

Environmental Services Company in NJ Determines Date of Leak To Ensure Insurance Coverage

Age-dating was able to determine the date of the oil leak compared to the expiration date of their client’s insurance coverage.  It turned out that the leak occurred 70 days before the property owner’s insurance expired and The Entech Group Inc. was able to secure them coverage for the project.

The environmental services company in NJ offers their own certified engineers, environmental scientists, OSHA certified and trained construction personnel and knowledgeable technicians. Entech understands the system and can help protect property owners.

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