Environmental Services Company in NJ Offers Remediation of Brownfields

environmentalservicesnjThe Entech Group, Inc., a leading energy, engineering and environmental services company in NJ, can help cities expand with the development and redevelopment of underutilized or abandoned brownfields.

In addition to being an eye sore, brownfields may also pose environmental risks due to possible hazardous pollutants.  Still, savvy property developers know that revitalizing abandoned brownfields can not only help protect the environment, but also create an expansion of jobs and economic development.

When property investors are considering redeveloping abandoned property, an environmental services company in NJ, such as The Entech Group Inc., can perform a property assessment to determine what, if any, environmental hazards are present.

Entech’s environmental services for property redevelopment in NJ include:

  • Surveys, site and building plans
  • Environmental assessments and hazardous materials documentation
  • Site remediation
  • Preparation and submission of all permitting documents
  • Traffic studies and environmental impact statements
  • Fiscal impact studies
  • Planning Board presentations
  • Full service construction and construction management
  • Grant and loan facilitation

With the help of an environmental services company in NJ, abandoned brownfields can flourish as golf communities, recycling facilities and revitalized communities.

To learn more about Entech’s property development and redevelopment services, visit their website where you can also read about related case studies: http://www.entechgroupinc.com/services/property-development-redevelopment.


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