NJ Environmental Services Company Provides Turnkey Remediation Solutions

environmentalservicesnjThe Entech Group, Inc., a leading energy, engineering and environmental services company in NJ, has been approached by governmental agencies to propose effective, non-traditional remediation solutions for sites affected by a leaking underground storage tank. . Each project solution will provide the owner with a
future unrestricted use for the property, along with a final No Further Action letter.

Entech’s turnkey and alternate approach to environmental remediation can help accelerate projects to closure when traditional oil tank removal and environmental methods do not provide a complete solution for affected sites.

Environmental Services in NJ

In addition to oil tank removal services, The Entech Group, Inc can provide the following environmental, engineering and remediation services in NJ:

  • Demolition of structure – to include lead and asbestos investigation, abatement and reporting
  • Engineering Design and installation of structural support and helical pier system
  • Engineering Design and installation of structural steel support and underpinning system
  • Alternate (In-Situ) environmental soil and groundwater treatment system

Designed by Professional Engineers, Entech and their pre-qualified sub contractors can install special underpinning and structural support, such as a helical pier system, for commercial and residential dwellings during environmental & soil remediation activities.

In-situ remediation is one of the newest and most cost effective alternate remediation methods and solutions. In situ remediation treats pollution “in place”, below the ground surface and without significant disturbance. Physical extraction, biologic activity, chemical modification, or other processes are employed to remove, degrade or stabilize pollutants in soil and groundwater. In many instances, this result is accomplished through the introduction of substances into the subsurface of a site.

With all services, the environmental services company in NJ provides environmental investigation, remediation and reporting.

Entech boasts 20+ years of experience offering engineering and environmental services in NJ.  Their services are all-inclusive and include environmental consulting, engineering & remediation.  Plus, Entech’s Vice President, Thomas A. Furey, is a licensed site remediation professional (LSRP) and Professional Engineer. The new Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) requires all site remediation projects to use LSRP services to oversee and approve all work.

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