President of Environmental Services Company in NJ Recommends Innovative Filters to Protect Waterways

Flexstorm Water Filter

John Ragan, PE, PP President of The Entech Group, Inc., has presented NJ town officials with an innovative Flexstorm filter idea to help protect waterways in Randolph.  The president of NJ environmental services company introduced the filters for a pilot program aimed at preventing road materials, leaves and litter from making their way to Shongum Lake.  Ragan is also an engineering consultant to the Shongum Lake Property Owners Association (SLPOA).

The dam at Shongum Lake was designed by The Entech Group Inc., however, residents are still concerned about pollutants reaching the waterways.  Ragan has suggested a pilot program to the town of Randolph to test out the filters ability to block debris from entering waterways.  The pilot program will strategically place Flexstorm filters and monitor their effectiveness.

Township manager, John Lovell, hopes the filters will preserve the life of Shongum Lake and prevent runoff problems during pipe repairs.

According to Ragan, the township has already purchased some of the filters, and if all goes well, they hope to expand the program.

About John Ragan

At The Entech Group, Inc. Ragan has managed and directed business development, engineering, land use and planning, solar energy, construction and environmental services, and interaction with local, county, state and federal regulatory agencies.  He oversees the design, permitting, development, re-development, construction and maintenance/operation of various systems for a broad range of successful projects utilizing company professionals as well as teams of sub-consultants and contractors.  He is often called upon to provide expert opinions and testimony before numerous agencies, courts, government officials, corporate executives and the general public.


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