Oil Tank Removal Company in NJ Proposes Conversion to Natural Gas

The Entech Group, Inc., an energy, engineering and environmental company in New Jersey, encourages homeowners still using oil to heat their homes to convert to clean, natural gas.

oil-tank-removal-njAs one of the leading oil tank removal companies in NJ, Entech has seen their fair share of environmental and health concerns caused by leaking tanks. A leaking tank can be a source of soil and ground water contamination to neighboring homes and businesses, not just the home where the tank resides.

Natural gas is a safer, more affordable solution for heating NJ homes. Over the past 10 years, natural gas prices have dropped to record lows, but heating oil prices have been steadily rising. Even worse, the price of oil is expected to reach record levels by winter. According to the NY Times, analysts do not expect oil prices to drop in the near future, mainly because of political instability in the Middle East and rising demand from developing countries.

NJ homeowners who don’t want to be left in the cold should consider converting to natural gas now.

Oil Tank Removal in NJ

The Entech Group offers oil tank removal services in NJ and can assist you during the conversion process from your old oil furnace/boiler into a gas furnace/boiler. If there are environmental impacts to the ground or air from your oil tank, Entech will handle the complete site investigation, remediation and final reporting.

NJ homes that are older than 15 years and still have the original underground oil tank are advised to have it removed, even if they won’t be converting to natural gas.

An underground oil tank has the potential to contaminate soil and even drinking water if a leak occurs. A spill can contaminate groundwater affecting private wells, other nearby drinking water supplies, lakes, rivers and reservoirs. It is also not uncommon for the contamination to spread to neighboring properties.

Working with The Entech Group and their Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) can help oil tank removal in NJ to be completed at an accelerated pace.

For more information or to speak with an Entech professional, call 800-571-8661 or go online to http://www.entechgroupinc.com/oil-tank-services/oil-tank-removal-in-nj/

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