Environmental Services Company in NJ Offers In Situ Remediation

environmental services njThe Entech Group Inc., (Entech) of NJ can offer a cost-effective and non traditional approach to move the environmental  remediation process along quickly without adversely impacting current operations and minimizing site impacts.  The specialty environmental services company in NJ offers in situ remediation for soil and groundwater remediation projects, one of the newest and most cost effective alternate remediation methods and solutions.

In situ remediation treats pollution “in place”, below the ground surface and without significant disturbance. Physical extraction, biologic activity, chemical modification, or other processes are employed to remove, degrade or stabilize pollutants in soil and groundwater. In many instances, this result is accomplished through the introduction of substances into the subsurface of a site.

Entech Has Longstanding History of Environmental Services in NJ

Entech has overseen the successful completion of multiple soil & groundwater in-situ remediation projects and continues to remain on the cutting edge of the latest and most efficient alternate remediation methods.

Environmental services in NJ offered by Entech have helped many businesses with their construction activities.  From locally owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Entech provides a suite of services for companies and projects of all sizes.  And since Entech provides all levels of environmental consulting services, companies were able to reduce management, consulting, and remediation fees that would normally be incurred when utilizing several contractors.

Entech’s Vice President, Thomas Furey, is a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) and Professional Engineer. The new Site Remediation Reform Act requires all site remediation projects to use LSRP services to oversee and approve all work.  The end result for many businesses is a reduction in the amount of time and effort needed to bring an environmental project to a successful closure. The rules will apply to site remediation of essentially all contaminated sites in New Jersey, including brownfields, sites with Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), and facilities subject to the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) and the Discharge Prevention Program (DPCC).

To learn more about The Entech Group, Inc call 800-571-8661.

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